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Who wouldn’t want to play Alauddin Khilji? But I would have done it differently: Shahid Kapoor



The joy on Shahid Kapoor’s face, nowadays, is not only telling of the relief he feels as Padmaavat is finally in theaters, but also of a personal victory, of standing tall in a film with an ensemble cast. Shahid admits playing the subdued, composed Rajput king Maharawal Ratan Singh was a gamble, especially because it was pitted against the aggressive, attention seeking Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh). However, it makes him happy that he could maximise on an under-written character.

In a conversation with, Shahid Kapoor talks about the challenges of being a part of Padmaavat, the risk involved and how he would have done Khilji differently from Ranveer Singh.

Did you ever feel that Padmaavat will not get released?

Yeah, there were one or two moments when I felt it might not get released. 99.99 per cent I had belief that it will get a release but definitely there came those moments where I wondered if it wouldn’t happen. I am still in shock to see that the film didn’t release in those four states. It’s very shocking.

shahid kapoor padmaavat

What were the conversations with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and team when the film went through the rough patch?

We all were shocked. Everybody was very disillusioned, disheartened because the intent of the film, in our minds, was clearly to glorify. I wouldn’t say just Rajputs, it represents Indian culture because the film is about an invader, who came from outside India and fought a battle against an Indian king and an Indian queen only to acquire the queen. So, the Rajput side of the film represents India. In our hearts, we saw it like that. The intent behind it was only to show the glorious sacrifice that was made and the valour and the grit that was shown when you were pitted against such a large enemy, to hold fort like that and have so much dignity in the way you deal with it.

The only thing we wanted was the film to be seen. Say what you want but first see the film. Don’t judge it before you see. It was very tumultuous, extremely difficult. It took a toll on all of us. We all were really praying.

You are quite brave that you chose this role. It could have gone wrong.

Yes, it was very challenging to do this role and film because to begin with Maharawal Ratan Singh is least known of all the three characters. Historically, there’s not much said about him. So, you have to introduce to the audience the character in a film, which already has two author-backed roles. To play a character, which is anyway under-played, very internal and not somebody who speaks too much is a challenge. Maybe four years ago, I wouldn’t have the security and confidence to take it up. But when it came to me, I looked it like a challenge.

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I didn’t talk to anybody for two days after the film. Actually, for one-and-a half years while this film was being filmed, you would have observed that there was no interview of mine, where I spoke about my role. I never even said that he was the hero of the film because I didn’t want people to feel anything before seeing the film. It shouldn’t have looked like ‘because he is doing the film, so he is calling himself its hero. So, does that mean Ranveer is not the hero?’ I didn’t want any of those controversies. I wanted my work to speak for itself. I waited for two days after the release to step out and meet people because I wanted to know if my effort would be felt by the audience.

The role of Maharawal Ratan Singh was uni-dimensional and didn’t have as many layers as your performance added to it. Do you also believe your performance lifted a character, which wasn’t meaty on paper?

I have to give a lot of credit to Sanjay sir. It is not possible for me to pull this role off without his support. Having said that, it was the most limited among the three characters in terms of range and it had a defined space. I had to somehow max that space. Like I said, the space we were talking about was not noisy, it wasn’t jumping out of the screen. It was pitted against a character, which was like that, which was all there, asking for attention. And here’s a character, which is saying without actually saying anything. So, that was the biggest challenge.

Hence, I said a few years ago I wouldn’t have that confidence, especially because I am the newest entrant in this team. There are certain actors and filmmakers, who gel with each other and bring the best out in each other, and I know this team does that for each other. So, to enter that role with that team in that stage of my career, most people would say was the most stupid decision of my life, but I felt it was the toughest decision of my life.


What gave you that confidence?

I knew this opportunity was very tricky and it can go horribly wrong. I didn’t need to do that to myself because I am coming from Haider and Udta Punjab, and people really think I am good. But I need to participate in this film because the opportunities that will come to me will become bigger and also I felt strongly is that every actor that has worked with Sanjay sir, he has taken them five steps ahead.

There’s a sudden jump in people’s perception, and the number of people they reach out to, and I wanted to be that guy because I knew I was the hero of the film. Of course, the role is difficult but I was the hero of the film. I wanted that and I knew I would have to give a big test for a big outcome. And I knew it wasn’t a ‘single hero’ film but for me always, the tests have been difficult, never easy.

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Sanjay leela bhansali's padmaavat also stars Depika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor

Did you ever feel like playing Alauddin Khilji?

Who wouldn’t want to? Which actor wouldn’t want to play that character? Years ago, I watched Ranveer’s episode of Koffee with Karan where he said, ‘I would have done Kaminey better than Shahid.’ So, every actor has that thought that had I been in the role, I would have done better. I will say, had I been there, I would have done it differently. I don’t want to get into the specifics of it but I think we are very different actors.

Nobody can take credit in this film. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the hero of every film that he makes. If a character is larger than life, it’s because of the way he has presented it. If a character is subtle and underplayed it’s again because he wanted it to be like that. If a film is doing Rs 300 crore of business, it is because of how he made it, because none of us have that. Nobody can say, ‘The film is successful because of me or it’s good and getting so much of love because of me.’ It’s Sanjay Bhansali first and everyone comes later. Everything in the film is driven by him. So, the interpretation of the characters is also largely governed by him.

padmaavat sanjay leela bhansali deepika padukone ranveer singh shahid kapoor

Padmaavat has led to the debate on the Jauhar, while also inviting criticism for apparent glorification of the archaic practice. How do you respond to the criticism?

I respect everybody’s point of view. Film should be seen in the context of the time, the socio-cultural atmosphere, the reason why the act was committed, whether it was enforced and why is a certain character in our history viewed in such a glorious light over so many centuries. People still pray to her. If it wasn’t worth glorifying, why would people pray to her? What was the choice for that character? To let a plunder come and do what he wants or hold your dignity and walk away? That’s the context of the film. We have shown it is a period film beyond that what can a filmmaker do? Everybody has the right to their opinion.



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The Top 10 Best Torrent Sites Working 2018




The Top 10 Best Torrent Sites Working 2018

The Best Torrent Sites

The following is a major rundown of deluge destinations, pretty much in the request that we want to seek from. In case you’re new to downpours, keep in mind that you’ll require a deluge customer to get these documents! We have a rundown of the Best Torrent Downloader Software in case you’re intrigued. Attach everything to a shrewd TV, snatch the popcorn and get settled.

Note: All downpours in this table are working except if generally noted, in any event as of the last refresh to this page. Fill us in as to whether we have to include or subtract a posting.


1. The Pirate Bay

Alexa Rank: 127

Veteran downpour site The Pirate Bay, TPB for short, again drives the 2018’s best deluge locales list while running on its unique area. The prevalent site wore the crown a year ago after the entire wipeout of KickAss Torrents.

TPB is as of now a known name for the assorted gathering of the downpours spread crosswise over motion pictures, TV appears, recreations, programming, book recordings, melodies, and so on. Clients get to the deluge list by means of TPB’s easy to utilize interface which changed in years. Actually, there doesn’t appear to be any need to do as such.

A motivation behind why TPB positions on top among the best deluge destinations is the wealth of seeds which helps in quicker downloading of documents. While this downpour site (and others) may be obstructed in a few nations, utilizing a VPN benefit like Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN will take care of this issue.

Why utilize TPB?

Being of the one old downpour facilitating site, TPB is frequently the main inclination among numerous individuals among the deluge network. Odds are high that the quantity of seeds would be better for downpour existing on The Pirate Bay.

2. (

Alexa Rank: 210 is implied particularly for the individuals who lean toward downloading film downpours over whatever else. The deluge site has moved to another area which has a lower Alexa rank. One thing to note is that the site has no ties with the first YTS/YIFY gathering, which close down tasks two or three years back. In any case, the site has figured out how to get their name on the ubiquity outlines.

YTS is known for its visual appearance. Moving along the line of other deluge ordering locales, the landing page now just highlights an inquiry page. Pilfered content for the most part energizes YTS however the looks are sufficient to give an intense rivalry to some prevalent spilling administrations.

Clients can without much of a stretch make content demands and offer input to the administrators of the site. In any case, the same requires a client record and furthermore to make remarks on the site.

Why utilize

The deluge site furnishes an effective inquiry box alongside numerous different channels and arranging alternatives. Likewise, the depiction of the deluge is displayed in a flawless and clean way.


Alexa Rank: 297

1337x is a deluge site that is aware of its visual appearance. Everything from the landing page to list page is outlined with content set conveniently and adjusted legitimately.

The outstanding deluge site has downpours in various classes. The deluge likewise gives a Trending area which records well known downpours for multi day and week. Top 100 deluges records for various classifications can likewise help the clients discovering great downpours to download.

Why utilize 1337x?

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This downpour site likewise scores focuses in the look and feel segment in light of the fact that the UI isn’t a wreck. Here likewise, downpour data is displayed in a way that is anything but difficult to peruse without stressing your eyes.


Alexa Rank: 364

While it’s not really present day look probably won’t satisfy a few clients, the site successfully does what it’s intended for, i.e., giving sound deluge records to the parasites. Be that as it may, clients ought to set themselves up to see numerous ad tabs while clicking joins on the site.

Indeed, even with a slight drop in the Alexa rank, Rarbg is as yet one of the best downpour destinations accessible on the web.

Other than the customary deluge download classes including Movies, Music, Software, Games, and so on. Rarbg additionally has a different page to highlight trailers of various motion pictures and shows. Individuals probably won’t visit a downpour site for watching trailers. In any case, it could be useful to a few.

A client can likewise experience Rarbg’s Top 10 deluges records for different classes to get a thought of what other individuals are downloading from the downpour website.

Why utilize Rarbg?

Aside from its accumulation of Torrent records, Rarbg likewise keeps up a blog area. There you can discover news articles sourced from different sites about comic characters and TV appears.


Alexa Rank: 559

You may as of now be realizing that is a downpour web index and ordering site which advances itself as a clone of the ancient Torrentz. It just does the activity of finding the downpours show on other deluge destinations. All things considered, it gives the idea that Torrentz2 could be a commendable incorporation among 2018’s best deluge destinations.

Other than utilizing the inquiry box to discover deluges, clients can likewise visit the MyTorrentz area where they can take the assistance of the label air pocket and see checked downpours for various classifications.

Why utilize Torrentz2?

Notwithstanding its general area, Torrenz2 is likewise accessible as an onion site which can be gotten to utilizing Tor. This may enable clients to influence their deluge to chase more private. A reflection of the deluge site is accessible with the space area.


Alexa Rank: 927

You may be very much aware of the discharge gather that used to cruise their ship on the KickAss Torrents and other best deluge destinations. Since the most recent few years, the space has figured out how to hold itself under the best 1000 sites on Alexa.

EZTV is visited by the web populace keen on downloading TV demonstrate deluges. Actually, it’s the main substance classification one would discover on this famous downpour site.

The torrenting site wears not a lot however an essential look with deluge joins and other data specified in a table frame. It likewise enables guests to make client accounts where they can spare downpours as top choices.

Why utilize Eztv?

Clients can watch out for up and coming deluge transfers through areas called Countdown List. For the substance as of now transferred, the Calendar segment is very valuable.


Alexa Rank: 912

Limtorrents is again on our rundown of the main 10 downpours locales for 2018. This is another site which has deluges in various classes including TV Series, Movies, Games, Applications, and Anime.

It shows up very simple to locate a solid deluge and what makes LimeTorrents a standout amongst other downpour locales is the customary refreshing of substance. The downpour webpage highlights isolate site pages where it gives refreshed records to the main 100 deluges slanting the most, and the most recent downpours transferred to the website.

Further, clients can make accounts which would be required to transfer downpours, give input, bookmark deluges, and trade messages with different clients, and so on.

Why utilize Limetorrents?

The multi-classification deluge site additionally has numerous downpours with solid seed tally. Likewise, clients can without much of a stretch spot checked downpour by observing a star symbol before the deluge posting.

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8. Zooqle

Alexa Rank: 1890

The ninth consideration in our 2018’s rundown of best deluge destinations is Zooqle. It’s a moderately new name in the BitTorrent environment, however it is ascending in the achievement graphs before long. For this ascent, the credit is to be given to the relentlessly expanding number of downpours.

Clients can without much of a stretch explore and discover things utilizing the flawless and clean interface of the site which is supplemented by the absence of meddling commercials. The substance on Zooqle is primarily TV Show downpours and Movie deluges, yet the famous downpour site additionally has deluges identified with programming, diversions, and so forth., for various gadget stages.

Why utilize Zooqle?

With countless, Zooqle makes discovering downpours less demanding notwithstanding for the ones who utilize it infrequently. The site lists in excess of 3 million confirmed deluges.


Alexa Rank: 2511 additionally does the activity of pursuit downpours on different sites. However, before you begin contrasting it and Torrentz2, the site has significantly more to offer than simply being a deluge web crawler. Truth be told, harvests information from different destinations that inquiry deluges.

To fulfill your torrenting needs, records various deluge locales and isolates them into various classifications. For example, clients can without much of a stretch locate the best downpour locales for motion pictures by visiting the applicable classification page.

Why utilize

As specified it’s a downpour web index, the site records the best deluge destinations in various classifications like Books, Sports, Apps, and so forth.


Alexa Rank: 7057

Notwithstanding the Zooqle, TorLock is another name among the set number of downpour destinations which still convey a .com TLD. The administrators of the site appear to strive to influence TorLock to impart stage to the best downpour locales accessible.

This outstanding deluge site has downpours in an assortment of classes and empowers visit guests to keep up their client accounts. As to, TorLock probably won’t have the best looks you can discover. In any case, it surely has the edge over numerous other best downpour destinations like The Pirate Bay, RARABG, LimeTorrents, and so on.

Why utilize TorLock?

One fortunate thing about TorLock is it just has checked deluges. That is the reason it’s a standout amongst other downpour destinations. You can spot confirmed downpours by observing the orange tick stamp.

Few other torrenting sites you can consider

The world of the best torrent sites is not just limited to ten names. There are other torrent sites which couldn’t make it to the top 10 list, but still, they might be worth considering.


Alexa Rank: 2081


Alexa Rank: 11834


Alexa Rank: 17307

Alexa Rank: 6861


Last Words

Despite the fact that The Pirate Bay may turn into your main decision as best torrenting webpage for the downloading your most loved stuff, it is conceivable that there is an extraordinary record that you probably won’t discover on this downpour site, since we expressed before that not all sites are great. Rather, take a stab at perusing different choices and check whether your fortunes begins there.

As an update, be extremely cautious while downloading downpours, particularly in nations where the law is unfeeling to such guilty parties. As an additional type of assurance please utilize VPNs to lessen your odds of being gotten by the specialists. The exact opposite thing you would need is to get in a bad position with the wrong individuals.

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LimeTorrents Proxy




Limetorrents Proxy

Limetorrents Proxy is a deluge web crawler and catalog which don’t have downpour documents however connections to downpours facilitated on different sites. Limetorrents is family-sheltered, so grown-up entries or inquiry are not permitted. They have an area of confirmed downpours which demonstrates all deluges checked by its clients. They have a huge list of deluges which is sorted into films, television, anime, applications an amusements. They have a tremendous client base with approx 2000 clients online whenever. Their interface is exceptionally straightforward with less mess contrasted with different locales. They are additionally recorded by as the main 10 deluge locales of year 2014

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Demonoid Proxy




Demonoid Proxy

Demonoid Proxy is presumably a standout amongst the most old downpour trackers on the planet. Established in 2003 it has constantly ended up in the copyright wars, space seizures and strikes. At present it is as yet perfectly healthy. They even have an .onion address. It is a welcome just site so clients can’t get to all deluges. In some uncommon events they do open up their enrollments. There are numerous demonoid Proxy clones made when it went down on various events. All deluges are classified into various classifications and subcategories. Clients can channel downpours by quality , class, interior following/outer and dialect. It has around 600K downpours. Just outer deluges are accessible for download by visitor clients. To download inside downpours clients need to enlist and login. It has been obstruct in numerous nations including UK. It precludes transferring of grown-up content.

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