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‘Rahul Gandhi was foolish to visit temples’: Writer Vivek Shanbhag on the Karnataka election outcome



Karnataka Election

Kannada essayist Vivek Shanbhag has composed eight works of fiction and two plays. His latest novel, Ghachar Ghochar, which has been converted into English, is a gem that gives a look into the dim side of India as it tries to wind up a financial powerhouse. It has been named one of the finalists in the fiction class of the 2017 Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

Shanbhag is right now going in the United States and Canada, from where he is keeping a nearby watch on the political details playing out in Karnataka. On Tuesday, as the outcomes to the Assembly decisions in the state were reported, swung to Shanbhag to comprehend why the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hindutva belief system advances to the general population of Karnataka, which is India’s data innovation center and an image of advancement. Shanbhag gives a social investigation of Karnataka’s political conduct.

Portions from the meeting:

What is so one of a kind about Karnataka’s way of life that, not at all like other South Indian expresses, the BJP has made profound advances here?

Karnataka’s decent variety is to such an extent that it doesn’t enable any gathering to clear its Assembly races, despite the fact that it might blessing a compass to a gathering in the Lok Sabha decisions. No gathering has 150 or more seats in the current past. No central priest has come back to control two times in succession since Ramakrishna Hegde did in 1985. Karnataka’s assorted variety keeps any political gathering from producing the sort of wave that was seen, for example, in Uttar Pradesh a year ago.

Gatherings in Karnataka are by and large given seats only somewhat above or underneath the larger part stamp. It has been the same in this race. The BJP’s vote share has gone up from 19.9% of every 2013 to 36.2% at this point. In any case, this expansion must be found with regards to BS Yeddyurappa’s arrival to the BJP in 2014 and the merger of his Karnataka Janata Paksha with it. Truth be told, the Congress expanded its vote share by 1.4% over what it surveyed in 2013.

The quantity of seats a gathering wins does not generally pass on a right picture. In the event that we take the vote share as a pointer of the general population’s desire, at that point you can’t however arrive at an altogether different conclusion.

In any case, the BJP appears to fit very much into Karnataka’s decent variety.

In the event that you think about the BJP’s focal pioneers, including [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi and [party president] Amit Shah, with Yeddyurappa, you will name him a direct. He appreciates validity. That is the reason the BJP brought him back and made him its boss clerical competitor. Yeddyurappa does not make disruptive remarks. There are assertions of defilement against him, however that is another issue inside and out. Individuals have moved to the BJP in light of the fact that it was direct in its strategies when it came to control without anyone else [in 2008].

For what reason do you say the BJP is direct in Karnataka? We find out about its unit assaulting between confidence couples, enjoying brutality over the dairy animals, and forcing an ethical code on the youthful?

This is for the most part limited to Mangaluru region. They attempted to expand such acts somewhere else, however it didn’t work out for them. It works in Mangaluru on the grounds that groups there are in rivalry. Muslims are merchants and effective; they are not compliant as they are in different states. There is the thing that you can call exchange contention. That is given a shared shading. It won’t work in, say, Bengaluru.

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Association serve Anant Kumar Hegde put forth insane expressions on Tipu Sultan. Be that as it may, we didn’t hear him rehash those announcements amid the decision battle. He was requested to quiets down; he simply held two or three arouses. Why? Since the announcements Hegde is inclined to making would have dissolved Yeddyurappa’s believability. I trust Yeddyurappa was instrumental in quieting Hegde.

That is the reason I say the BJP’s motivation in Karnataka isn’t as disruptive as it is somewhere else. Individuals started to help the BJP in light of the fact that they considered it to be a contrasting option to the Congress. What’s more, that was a direct result of Yeddyurappa’s believability. It is he who has given the BJP a face [that is acceptable] to the general population. It is likewise why the BJP put aside the govern of 75 in Karnataka. Yeddyurappa is past 75, but then he was made the gathering’s boss pastoral competitor.

Okay, so for what reason hasn’t the BJP made advances into Kerala and Tamil Nadu?

Kerala has a high education rate [93.9% in 2011]. Its kin read a ton, especially writing. All the more fundamentally, the level of Muslims [26.6%] and Christians [18.4%] in Kerala is high. This builds association between Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Individuals don’t need disruptive legislative issues to hurt their everyday life. Therefore, the BJP thinks that its difficult to enter Kerala with its story. Who knows, it might change its account for Kerala, yet the present one won’t work there.

Shouldn’t something be said about Tamil Nadu?

Individuals in Tamil Nadu take incredible pride in their dialect and culture. They are nostalgic about their dialect as, say, France is about French. I won’t not have acknowledged such a notion before, but rather I do now since it has assumed a noteworthy part in obstructing a loathe mongering belief system from entering Tamil Nadu. Be that as it may, one can never tell about the future – the BJP can enter the state through organizations together.

As it were, it is troublesome for a dominatingly North Indian gathering, which has what we call Hindi culture, to make advances into Tamil Nadu. Why is Karnataka not hostile to Hindi?

It is on account of Karnataka has a high level of resilience for different dialects, a resistance not seen in different states. In Bengaluru, for example, a man can make do with Hindi or English or Tamil. A man can live in Karnataka for a long time without learning Kannada. It would be unimaginable for a similar individual to live in Tamil Nadu for a long time without knowing Tamil.

A portion of the considerable Kannada journalists did not have Kannada as their native language. [DR] Bendre, an incredible Kannada writer, communicated in Marathi at home. Masti Venkatesh Iyengar communicated in Tamil at home. Girish Karnad’s first language is Konkani. Each of the three were gave the Jnanpith grant. You likewise had DVG [DV Gundappa], who communicated in Telugu at home. There are numerous such cases. Their commitment to Kannada writing and culture was exceptionally critical.

Karnataka, in this way, does not embrace [a high and mighty attitude] to different dialects. Both Marathi and Urdu are extremely prominent in North Karnataka.

So how would we clarify Karnataka’s fascination for Modi, who is credited with swinging the races for the BJP?

Modi has a force, tragically, in the informed class.

How can it be that Kerala’s informed class rejects the BJP and Modi, however not Karnataka’s?

In 2014, individuals were tired of the Congress. This is the thing that drove the informed class toward the BJP. Once a man turns into a BJP supporter, there is a steady stream of correspondence to him or her to guarantee he or she doesn’t think about other political choices. I am alluding here to the WhatsApp messages the BJP produces.

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In any case, the more profound reason is that Karnataka’s informed class does not have an existence in view of relationship of groups. For example, take those working in the data innovation industry in Bengaluru. It is anything but difficult to sow the seeds of troublesome legislative issues in them.


So secure is their life that a disruptive motivation does not affect their regular day to day existence, they are not some portion of the [architecture of] reliance that is seen in Kerala. An IT individual in Karnataka composes a product program for an organization in the United States, and is enchanted to see Modi address a group of people in London’s Wembley Stadium. It doesn’t make a difference to him whether Modi’s discourse will affect the relationship of groups. In spite of the fact that it is additionally likely that such a man won’t go out and vote. It is tragic that Bengaluru’s turnout of voters dunked in this decision.

Isn’t this terrifying? Given the way India’s monetary engineering is developing, we will have an ever increasing number of individuals living in separation, not reliant on the relationship of groups.

You are correct. The family framework has crumpled, individuals have moved from towns to urban communities. Indeed, even today, towns have a high level of reliance. This is the reason disruptive governmental issues does not work much in provincial Karnataka. Be that as it may, when the individual relocates to the city, he turns into a person. For him, the association of groups does not make a difference any more.

Does Hindutva’s concept of making a group give alleviation to disjoined, confined people?

The solace isn’t genuine, it is fanciful. One intense issue of our training framework is that writing and expressions of the human experience are in effect progressively relegated a little part in it. When you open a book, you enter an existence where there is someone else, another group, another rank, somebody who is the other. Be that as it may, this other is a reflection, he isn’t a piece of your lived reality. It is hard to be savage on somebody you know. You can’t be rough on your neighbor unless you profoundly abhor him. Be that as it may, at that point, it is likewise very hard to loathe a man you know.

Writing and different types of craftsmanship enable you to know the other. It is a direct result of the little part these controls have that we tend to see the other in a detached way [in terms of not being a piece of our societal self].

The Lingayats were allowed a religious minority status just like their request. For what reason did they not vote in favor of the Congress in noteworthy numbers?

My hunch is that the Lingayats may have felt that having an alternate government in the state and at the Center would mean not getting religious minority status. [It is the Center that needs to authoritatively concede them that status]. A BJP government both in the state and at the Center improves the likelihood of them getting minority status. Their odds would be nil with a Congress government in the state and the BJP government at the Center.

Do you think minority status for Lingayats speaks to a test to Brahminical Hinduism?

It is absolutely a test, which is the thing that [the late researcher MM] Kalburgi used to state. A minority status for the Lingayats absolutely does not


“Let The Past Be History,” Congress Said To HD Kumaraswamy At Meet




Congress boss Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi host said the get-together was prepared to overlook the past for a forward-looking collusion with HD Kumaraswamy’s Janata Dal Secular. After a gathering between Mr Kumaraswamy and Congress’ Rahul and Sonia Gandhi on Monday evening, the Congress demonstrated that the two sides have talked about a more extensive organization together that is past “power partaking in Karnataka” in front of one year from now’s broad races.

Citing the two Gandhis, KK Venugopal, one of the key Congress pioneers from Karnataka who was available at the meet, stated, “Let the past be history, we need another relationship, another period”.

“We don’t need it (the tie-up) to be restricted just to control sharing however a future collusion… Both responded the sentiments,” Mr Venugopal included.

In front of one year from now’s broad races, an assembled front to go up against the BJP tops the resistance plan, yet cohesiveness toward this path has been tricky. Indeed, even a state-level collusion between the Congress and the JD(S) for 2019 is relied upon to guarantee a lion’s share of Karnataka’s 28 parliamentary seats to them.

The last association between the two gatherings, manufactured in 2004, had finished in an untidy separation in under two years. Mr Kumaraswamy broke the collusion at the possibility of Congress support to Siddaramaiah – a senior pioneer of the JD(S) who quit the gathering a long time previously and framed his own – and joined forces with the BJP.

Mr Kumaraswamy had flown down to Delhi to meet the Congress metal and welcome them for his pledge service on Wednesday. Sources said the plan additionally incorporated a few issues of more quick concern, including the shapes of the new government.

There’s additionally the matter of vice president ministership, over which the two gatherings which are making a go a shaping the administration, don’t give off an impression of being in agreement. The Congress needs two representatives for Mr Kumaraswamy to offset the power, the JD(S) is prepared for just a single.

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Mr Venugopal said the matter of agents and also the power-sharing equation, have been left to the state pioneers of the two gatherings to deal with. “The Congress will get the speakership – that has been chosen,” he said.

Wednesday’s pledge service is relied upon to be a show of restriction quality, with Mr Kumaraswamy welcoming no less than four boss clergymen, and senior pioneers from key resistance parties. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Andhra Pradesh’s N Chandrababu Naidu, Telangana’s K Chandrashekar Rao and Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee will exhibit.

Among alternate invitees are Mr Kumaraswamy’s partner and Dalit powerhouse from Uttar Pradesh Mayawati, senior CPM pioneer Sitaram Yechury, National Conference patriarch Farooq Abdullah and Bihar pioneer Tejashwi Yadav, Mr Kumaraswamy told journalists in Delhi.

Rahul and Sonia Gandhi too have acknowledged Mr Kumarswamy’s welcome. After the gathering, Mr Gandhi tweeted his acknowledgment, “I had a warm and friendly gathering tonight, in Delhi, with Shri H D Kumaraswamy ji. We talked about the political circumstance in Karnataka and different issues of common intrigue. I will go to his confirming as CM of Karnataka, on Wednesday, in Bengaluru.”

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Congress-JDS to Wage Battle Against Pro Tem Speaker in SC Hours Before Testing Strength of BSY Govt (Karnataka Elections)




karnataka elections

New Delhi: The Supreme Court will on Saturday morning (karnataka elections) hear the Congress-JD (S) consolidate’s request testing Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala’s choice to designate KG Bopaiah as the expert tem Speaker to direct the urgent floor test.

Late on Friday night, Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra chose to list the issue under the steady gaze of the three-judge seat, headed by Justice A K Sikri, which has been hearing the case. The issue will be heard by the seat, which additionally involves Justices S A Bobde and Ashok Bhusha, at 10.30 am, much in front of the trust vote slated at 4 pm.

The Congress-JD(S) supplication, was submitted late around evening time at the Registry and the Registrar of the best court raced to the living arrangement of the CJI for bearings on the posting of the issue.

In the application, the join has requested putting aside of the choice to designate BJP MLA Bopaiah as the star tem Speaker saying it was in opposition to the custom, according to which the post goes to the senior-generally official.

It named the Governor’s activity as a “baldfaced illegal” act to select “a lesser MLA as the master tem Speaker. The application likewise looks for certain dire bearings to guarantee that the floor test is led in a reasonable and straightforward way.”

Star tem is a Latin expression which best means “for the present” or impermanent. More often than not, the senior most part is chosen as the genius tem Speaker for purposes, which likewise incorporate decision of the Speaker.

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The request of additionally encouraged the best court to have video recording of the whole trust vote process and directing of the floor test through “a division’ into independent and isolated entryways so the people in the diverse halls can be checked in a straightforward way.”

The request of said “it is presented that in spite of the settled parliamentary

tradition and practice for arrangement of an expert tem Speaker, a lesser MLA Shri KG Bopaiah (BJP) with a questionable and disputable record of passing one-sided preclusion orders has been designated as the star tem Speaker.

“Truly, the direct of Shri KG Bopaiah has been extremely reprimanded and strictures have been passed against him by this Hon’ble Court. The exclusion orders go by him were additionally put aside as being vitiated with mala fides and undue scramble in two judgements of this Court.”

Asserting “a stunning dismissal to restricting parliamentary tradition and long standing parliamentary routine with regards to delegating the senior most individual from the House”, the Congress-JD(S) consolidate said the Governor designated “a generally junior individual from the House. … This is notwithstanding the conceded actuality that the senior most MLA is right now serving his eighth residency however has been ignored.”

The arrangement was “only an endeavor to seize and control the floor test slated to be hung on 19.05.2018 in the House, in accordance with the heading go by this Hon’ble Court”.

The consolidate claimed that B S Yeddyurappa “pair with the Government at the Center is practicing impact through the Governor of the State to guarantee that he cruises through the floor test by snare or criminal, in outright dismissal to Parliamentary practice and the settled tradition of delegating the senior most part as the master tem Speaker.”

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The Governor’s choice to designate Bopaiah came after the best court requested holding of floor test in the Karnataka get together on Saturday for finding out the dominant part or generally of the BS Yedyurappa government and for quick arrangement of the professional tem Speaker.

In its request, the summit court has specified four stages that must be taken after for holding the floor test, coordinating the quick arrangement of the ace tem Speaker, holding the promise service for every chose part tomorrow.

This activity must be finished before 4 PM when the floor test will be held to find out the dominant part. A seat containing Justices AK Sikri, SA Bobde and Ashok Bhushan additionally requested that satisfactory security courses of action might be made and Director General of Police of Karnataka would himself oversee all plans so that there is no slip by on this check at all.

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