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Pregnant Woman Gives Birth To Child At Hospital Gate

Another act of apathy on behalf of the doctors came to light in the Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh where the doctors denied treatment to a pregnant and she delivered a baby beside the hospital gate. A video on this issue has become viral questioning the infrastructure available in Government hospitals and the indifferent attitude of doctors towards the poor patients. So far no response has been received from the hospital authorities on this issue.

Unnao district was in news recently when 40 people were tested HIV positive due to the usage of an infected syringe by a local doctor in the town. The current issue highlights the carelessness in the medical field in the town. Unnao district is a transit point for truck drivers and many of them are said to be dislodging themselves at this place.

Pregnant Woman Gives Birth To Child At Hospital Gate

So, there are more chances of HIV being spread from various places to this area. According to the statement of a Councillor in that area, there are as many as 500 cases of HIV positive in that area if proper tests are done. Uttar Pradesh Health Minister ordered an immediate enquiry in this case.



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