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Padman producer Twinkle Khanna says Akshay Kumar, R Balki have ensured nothing in the film is discomforting



Akshay Kumar’s Padman marks his wife Twinkle Khanna’s maiden production venture and even as she looks calm and unruffled just a week before the movie hits the screens, the debutante producer does admit that she will be curious to know the numbers on the day of the release, on 9 February. “It is not bothering me right now but if you ask me on that Friday, I will give you a different answer. On that day, I will be definitely curious to know the numbers,” is Twinkle’s honest answer.

And this is not the first time that we have heard her candid confession. Known for her candour and wit, the former actress, has, in the past made fun of her acting skills innumerable times and she says that she feels “liberated” in doing so.  “Acting was never been my cup of tea and if I praise myself for something I was never good at, people would know that I am lying and even I know that I am lying. So it’s better to be honest. Those were not my strengths. How liberating it is because once you say it and make fun of yourself, what is left for other people to say? Today I am playing to something I am good at,” says the writer and social media sensation, while carefully spinning words with utmost clarity and precision. As you listen to her, you feel you were reading a perfectly worded column of ‘Mrs Funny Bones’. Clearly she fits in quite well now as a bestselling author and a first-time producer.

Twinkle Khanna. Twitter@MrsFunnybones

Twinkle Khanna. Twitter@MrsFunnybones

Padman is based on a short story from Twinkle’s book, The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad. The story is inspired from the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a Tamil Nadu-based social activist who revolutionised the concept of menstrual hygiene in rural India by creating the low-cost sanitary napkins machine. “My role (as a producer) in this whole conversation about menstruation began in 2015 when I first wrote a column on menstruation. Then, in 2016, I wrote Muruganthanam’s story and in 2018, we are coming out with the movie. So my role in the beginning was to meet and convince Murugananthanam, get the rights to his life and story, then it was about script and story discussion, going to Maheshwar and looking at locations. I am not the line producer, I am not there on the set. I didn’t want to be on a film set when I was getting paid for it and I don’t want to be there when I am paying other people (laughs out loud). Now, after the film is complete, I am involved in marketing and promotions,” she said.

Considering the long history of menstrual taboos across nearly all cultures, Twinkle, who confessed that matters related to menstrual cycle were not normal for a large part of her own life, said her main aim from the film is “to normalise the biological function”. “It should be as normal as the fact that we have to brush our teeth and have a bath. Sanitary pad is not a luxury item, it is a necessity. We want girls to tell their father that it should be made part of their family budget rather than shying away from the topic and manage with whatever is available like cloth rags, socks, torn bed sheets,” said Twinkle, further adding, “Before the trailer was out, I did have some apprehensions that how will the film be received, what would people say. But once the trailer was out, it has been the most watched trailer of any Indian movie and then with the response we got, I feel I am not afraid of that in the least bit. Also, R Balki (director) has skillfully made sure that nothing in the film will be discomforting aside from the fact that we are addressing the taboo subject in a completely unapologetic manner. After the first three minutes, you are immersed in the story, plot and what is happening next. The fact that you are actually talking about something that you have never spoken to your wife, or your mother has never discussed with you, is lost in the story; but you come out of it with new insights that you have so far never ever discussed with anybody.”

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Twinkle continues, “Coming from a slightly more progressive background, for a large part of my life, I did not take out a sanitary pad from my handbag and go to bathroom, or if it fell off my bag, I would be embarrassed. If I have to go to a religious ceremony when I am menstruating, I still have to discuss with myself that, ‘It is alright, I am not committing a sin, it is fine.’  So, if women like me who has spent time studying and researching this topic are going to think like this, then what about other women?”

Akshay may be her biggest cheerleader but Twinkle being unapologetically honest about her point of view and take on everything in life in her blogs could cause embarrassing for her politically correct superstar husband. So does Akshay, at times, censor her columns? “Akshay does give me some advice. Normally, it is sensible advice because I do have the tendency to get carried away. Left to my devices and I might have people throwing stones at my glass windows. But it is important in any partnership to let people the way they are, to let them find their own space. At this point in my life, you can’t control anybody in your life or anybody’s work around you, not even your own children. The only person you have barely control over is yourself and that too just about. So I think for two people who live and work together to have different attitudes and political and social world-view, it is good to see what you can learn from the other person rather than try to change them and make them like you,” said Twinkle.

In his recent interview to Firstpost, Akshay said that Twinkle explains everything to their son Aarav and that nothing is hidden in their family, to which Twinkle said, “I learnt along the way but perhaps my nature is inherently like that, that I have always made jokes about everything in life. So when my son was young, many times I remember my husband saying it’s very inappropriate what you are saying in front of him, he is so young. But what it did was it kept the door open. I can’t say I am a successful parent because parenting is never over but if at some point, when he is undecided about which path to take, hopefully he feels he can talk to me at that point as well.”

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While she and her husband, more or less, may be on the same page now after over 15 years of togetherness, it is the oft-repeated question thrown at her that how she manages work and children that irks Twinkle, who has her own ideology on feminism. “I tell people that why don’t they ask the same question to my husband as well. But even today, whether you are working or not, child raising is a woman’s job. You look at any school’s WhatsApp group, you will only find women and maybe just one solitary father in a class of how many ever. So if you are asking that have we reached a place of complete equality, no we haven’t. To me, feminism is about women having equal opportunities right from the time when they are in the womb and not killed till the time when they have education, social and employment opportunities, and that for me is feminism. Treat us as if our gender is irrelevant,” said the star-wife.

Coming back to Padman, Twinkle, who had earlier thought of making a small art house film with newcomers and a smaller budget, finally decided to cast her superstar husband to make all the difference in its reach. “As we were working on the journey and I was talking to Akshay, it struck me that if you have someone like him holding a sanitary pad in his hand, half your work is done because he is idolised by so many. There are so many men and women who look up to him and who will say: ‘Fine, this is alright. It is okay for me to talk about it’. And once we realised that then of course, the whole perspective of this project changed,” said Twinkle.

And as we wind up, I tell her that many years ago, a prominent ad personality had handed over a packet of sanitary napkin to me as he held the account of a well-known brand, Twinkle, a keen listener with a curious mind, immediately popped a question – “So were you embarrassed?”  When I replied in a negative, she was relieved probably hoping that the audience, too, won’t be embarrassed in flocking to theatres when her debut venture releases on 9 February.  And it could be yet another compelling story from Mrs Funny Bones.




Made in Mexico Netflix




made in mexico Netflix

In a milestone move, spilling administration goliath Netflix has revealed its first Mexican reality arrangement, set to bow worldwide on Sept. 28. The truth demonstrate “Made in Mexico” throws a light on Mexico City’s affluent families and their rich ways of life as it trails nine socialites and the expats competing for a spot in their tenuous condition.

The arrangement is created by Love Productions USA, the L.A.- based backup of the Sky-claimed generation organization, with Richard McKerrow, Kevin Bartel and Brandon Panaligan recorded as official makers and Lauren Volonakis and Matthew Moul as co-official makers.

Love USA has a large group of new arrangement with significant systems, link telecasters and OTT players including ABC, Netflix, Discovery Channel, and Nat Geo.

Portrayed as innovators in “one of the world’s most socially lively urban areas where family name is your bond and inheritance is everything,” the cast individuals include:

Netflix Show

· Pepe Díaz, a fruitful 35-year-old business visionary and dance club manager quick to shed his playboy past and begin another life.

· Kitzia Miter, a mold fashioner brought up in Mexico’s high society who goes about as the true mediator of taste and style and a guard who chooses who accesses this world.

· Liz Woodburn, an American sustenance blogger from New York who finds that she should re-scale the social step as she acclimates to her new home in Mexico City with her life partner.

· Columba Díaz, a high design demonstrate who is gotten in an adoration triangle, yet “needs simply to center around her profession and generosity work.”

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· Chantal Trujillo, an American expat who left an occupation at Vogue to take after the affection for her life to Mexico.

· Shanik Aspe, a TV character and previous bathing suit display with dreams of turning into a pop star.

· Roby Checa, the 31-year old brother by marriage to Kitzia and the awful kid of the Checa faction who attempts to locate a cheerful harmony between his inclination to gathering and demonstrate to his family that he can prevail in business.

· Hanna Jaff, a 30-year-old government official and altruist who runs the Jaff Foundation.

Netflix has been effectively delivering a consistently developing number of fiction arrangement in Mexico and in whatever remains of Latin America, beginning with “Club de Cuervos,” and most as of late in Colombia with “Distrito Salvaje.” The fourth period of its hit indicate “Narcos” was shot in Mexico, in the wake of spending its initial three seasons in Colombia.

Netflix is propelling its first Mexican reality Show and the show is hoping to catch a ton of dramatization among a portion of the nation’s affluent individuals from its high society.

Made in Mexico will take after the lives of nine of Mexico City’s rich, modern and trendy socialites, showing their lavish ways of life while “uncovering the defective existences of the apparently idealize first class.”

Notwithstanding its Made in Mexico title, a few of the show’s members are U.S.- conceived and furthermore incorporate expats attempting to change in accordance with their new lives, fit in while seeking a spot in Mexico City’s “it-group” and elite social request.

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Netflix didn’t share how the members were picked, however the cast incorporates a touch of a diverse blend – from an outstanding representative and previous Mexico reality indicate contender, to performing artists, models, TV hosts and bloggers. Some are absolutely more outstanding in Mexico than others and all have a sound Instagram following.

Regardless of whether the arrangement will be famous stays to be seen. It’s set to make a big appearance comprehensively on September 28.

Is intriguing this is the second Netflix arrangement unique that objectives the wealthy in Mexico in two months. Toward the beginning of June, the streamer marked an arrangement with Salma Hayek to deliver a unique show arrangement called Monarca, set in the intense universe of Mexican extremely rich people. Both arrangement are a differentiation to the typical demonstrates that portray Mexicans as street pharmacists, offenders or administration work force.

The show is delivered by Love Productions USA, a division of the UK creation organization, and incorporates Richard McKerrow, Kevin Bartel and Brandon Panaligan as official makers and Lauren Volonakis and Matthew Moul as co-official makers.

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YTS Proxy




YTS Proxy

What is Yts/Yify Torrents ?

Yify is in actuality the greatest online motion picture robbery amass that has been overwhelming in the torrenting business throughout the years. The Yify amass distributed top notch motion picture discharges on various deluge locales and turned into an open sensation. It was not long until the point when Yify understood their effort and renamed itself as YTS and began its own particular deluge site.

Intersection the limit of a great many site hits in a solitary day, YTS turned into the pioneer in the downpour business. Such a leap forward and robbery at such a larger amount drew the eye line of experts and they chased down the gathering proprietors. An enemy of robbery claim was documented against them in New Zealand.

The two gatherings later removed the case from the court after common assent and YTS got some time for itself, which finished soon. The New Zealand court revived the case 8 years prior and the specialists through magazines publically declared the pioneer of this robbery gathering. The entire thought was enlivened by an application engineer Yiftach, a 23-year-old male who was later compelled to resign frame this robbery act and a settlement bargain was marked between the two gatherings. Alternate individuals from the gathering stay obscure until date yet as it was accounted for, they are out of this diversion.

In spite of the fact that the first YTS group was removed from the play, the present site handlers are as yet obscure and the substance remains promptly accessible with a similar extraordinary video quality.

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Yify is a standout amongst other torrenting locales to pick on the grounds that the substance transmission on this site is encoded however an alternate encoding component. YTS utilizes x264 encoding position that is the principle reason that the substance it has on its server is of high caliber.

Yify Proxy/Mirror

Speed Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast Fast Fast Fast Normal Very Fast Very Fast Normal Very Fast
YTS Proxy Server Slow
YIFY Movies Proxy Slow
YIFY Torrent Proxy Normal
YTS Movies Proxy Slow

Yts/Yify Torrents Proxy And Mirror Working Sites

Each well known deluge site that has cocked eyebrows and has made it to the line light has a few clones and mirrors made by other outsiders with no assent. These outsider clones are either cheats or locales besieged with malwares. Here are a couple of clones/reflect locales of YTS/Yify that are accessible on the web.

Is Yify/Yts Torrents Safe?

Truly, we have checked the site status through Google Transparency and it has affirmed that the site is sheltered to peruse. Yet, it doesn’t ensure protection from ISP following your action.

Yify Browser Overview

Yify has an extremely basic and efficient format that permits site guests to explore effortlessly through the site. On the front, you will see the famous downloads which mean the films that are being downloaded on consistent schedule by clients around the globe. When you will scroll further, you will get the opportunity to see all the most recent motion pictures that are accessible for downloading.

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Yify downpours program for motion pictures

At the best, you will see the program look bar, utilize this to scan for your most loved film on the off chance that it isn’t showing in the landing page. In the event that you are uncertain, of what to watch, at that point basically peruse through the films by tapping on the Browse Movies tab and look for your relative classification. You can look through the most recent and the most established motion pictures by choosing your inclination starting from the drop list. You can likewise peruse for motion pictures by their particular types and appraisals.

Last Words

Yify downpours or YTS has been around for just about 10 years now and since its starting, it has been serving the best quality motion pictures to torrenting clients from all around the globe. Keeping up an up and coming library with excellent substance isn’t a simple thing and we can state that just YTS has the ability to keep up it to this standard.

In any case, torrenting is straightforwardly identified with robbery and copyright encroachment, which makes it illicit in numerous locales of the world. So before you plunge into torrenting, ensure your district is ok to torrenting. On the off chance that you need to get to downpours from a district, where torrenting is unlawful, utilize a dependable Kodi VPN benefit.


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SeedPeer Proxy




SeedPeer Proxy

SeedPeer is known name among everybody who downloads deluges. It is extraordinary compared to other downpour sources to get confirmed deluges which are solid and in addition infection free. At the point when the vast majority of the deluge sites are brimming with spam advertisements and their downpours containing infection, malware, adware, and so forth., SeedPeer is helping its clients to remain safe while torrenting.

There are numerous downpour destinations with even enormous database and more deluge records yet for the greater part of the SeedPeer clients, SeedPeer is the main confided in deluge site from which they need to download motion pictures, television arrangement, music, programming and recreations. On the off chance that you are among such SeedPeer clients and discovers that SeedPeer is out of reach from its fundamental space then the area is presumably obstructed by your ISP or government for your web association.

SeedPeer is one of the most established Torrent sharing and P2P document dissemination destinations. Thinking of it as has an area of confirmed downpours; it is favored by numerous individuals to download deluge documents.

Thinking of it as, likewise has some copyright content and always in weight from administrative specialists, it is edited and obstructed in numerous nations and ISPs. Likewise many school and office work put square access to the Seed Peer site keeping in mind the end goal to spare web data transmission. Consequently, in this article we will cover : How you can unblock and get to SeedPeer by utilizing quick SeedPeer intermediary locales [2018]

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