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Best Free DNS Servers To Faster Your Internet



Fast DNS Server

You’ve regularly gone over the term ‘DNS’ as far back as you developed and became more acquainted with additional about the web space ( Free DNS ). For the layman, when you introduce a shiny new web association, you will consequently be doled out a default DNS server, however there are a few circumstances in which you will be required to change this DNS server so as to encounter a superior web understanding. There are a few different elements why you should need to change these qualities, thus here are the 10 best Free DNS servers for you to try out immediately.

Free DNS

DNS Provider Name Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server
OpenDNS Home
Comodo Secure DNS
Norton ConnectSafe
Alternate DNS
Hurricane Electric

What Is A DNS Server And How Will Changing It Be Beneficial For You?

DNS remains for Domain Name Server and its essential goal is to connect an IP address with an area name (or a site name). Presently, assume in the event that you punch in the address into your programs, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Windows Edge, you will touch base at Facebook yes? All things considered, that is right, yet that is just a large portion of the story.

Basically, organize substances are controlled by IP addresses and a DNS matches the name to the IP address so you go where you are expected to go. Presently when you punch in the URL, the DNS server will be taking care of the greater part of the enchantment, so relying upon how quick the DNS server happens to be, the speedier you will touch base at Facebook and begin perusing.

Which DNS server is the quickest one out there?

Lamentably, this is certifiably not an immaculate world, so simply like blemish exists in all things, you should locate the best answer for yourself and that will rely upon an assortment of components.

The web association organization or ISPs typically utilize their own particular DNS servers and the speed of these DNS servers can fluctuate enormously. Some may expand your web involvement while some may place you in a condition of free for all simply needing to yank the Ethernet link from the web communicator.

What Are Public DNS servers?

Presently come open DNS servers, which will be the core of this rundown. These servers don’t have a place with network access suppliers yet different organizations extending from Google, OpenDNS, DNS.Watch and a few others. Keep in mind how we said that you should try out each DNS server to discover which one will serve you in an ideal limit? All things considered, that is on account of there are three principle traits that decide how quick a DNS server really is.

  • The speed and area of the server and your present area
  • How bustling that DNS server regarding taking care of and separating movement
  • Is the space reserved or not?

Speed and dependability will assume an essential part on how rapidly it can discover the IP address. The servers’ areas will have an impact in making sense of to what extent each demand takes to achieve the DNS server and be come back to your program. A bustling DNS server that is endeavoring to sift through a ton of movement will clearly take a far longer period to process your demand while a more solid arrangement will abandon you completely happy with the outcome.

So in case you’re playing a web based amusement, utilizing a video gushing administration or simply captivating in plain and basic perusing, choosing the perfect DNS server in view of area, unwavering quality, speeds, and time will eventually represent the deciding moment your experience.

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Speediest Free Public DNS Servers of 2018

Making sense of which DNS server is best for you will expect you to try out every option without anyone else in light of the fact that like we expressed before, even your area will assume a part in deciding how advanced your web encounter winds up getting to be.

1. Google Public Free DNS – Fastest DNS Server

No ifs ands or buts, this would have been our first pick of the rundown and for what reason not? Google Public DNS was propelled in December in 2009 and has been helping a large number of web clients encounter the most ideal encounters. In the event that you need to change your current DNS server to Google Public DNS, you should change your IP delivers to and

Google Public Free DNS additionally offers help for IPv6 network so on the off chance that you meet the fundamental prerequisites for setting up an IPv6 association, you should modify your IP address as needs be.

This is only one of the numerous famous DNS servers that you will try out and one of the greatest advantages of utilizing this is enhanced security. Another preferred standpoint for clients who regularly run over ‘not as much as stellar’ web speeds, Google Public DNS will be the correct decision for you.

Moreover, Google Public Free DNS is additionally safe against DNS Cache Poisoning assaults and DoS assaults. For the vast majority of you, this will be the weapon of decision yet in the event that you have something different at the top of the priority list, at that point don’t hesitate to experience the whole rundown.

2. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is likewise viewed as a standout amongst other DNS servers out there in light of the fact that they are more equipped towards control clients, or individuals that realize what they are getting themselves into. To put it plainly, in the event that you not searching for a customary DNS server substitution and need abundant levels of control on which setting you are permitted to change, at that point OpenDNS will be the perfect pick for you.

At the present time, there are two variants of OpenDNS that you can access and they go under Personal and Business utilize. Both of these adaptations accompany devoted controls going from parental controls, phishing insurance, and upgraded speed. Right now, OneDNS can be gotten to for the normal rendition, however in the event that you need to pick up section into some power-highlights, at that point there are paid plans that you can attempt when you have gone to your choice.

Presently for the IP tends to that you can punch in, they are and

3. Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe needs to give you an adequate measure of security and is really intended to be gotten to when you want improved assurance for your perusing knowledge. Up until now, Norton ConnectSafe offers you three distinct varieties of security and they are point by point as takes after:

  • Malware, phishing, and trick
  • Security
  • Erotica

When you begin utilizing the administration, you will have the capacity to utilize Norton ConnectSafe’s frameworks and switches, which means constant insurance for when you begin perusing utilizing this DNS server. It isn’t astonishing that Norton offers a protected and secure condition for many clients out there, given that the organization creates and offers advanced security arrangements, for example, Antivirus and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


DNS.WATCH is an outsider administration that enables you to approach the quick and uncensored web and that too without paying a solitary penny for it. The administration puts stock in DNS Neutrality, so there won’t be a diminishment in web execution or interruption of any kind. The best part is that you will have the capacity to utilize it with an assortment of gadgets running from a PC, Mac, or Linux-based PC frameworks. To punch in the numbers for your IP addresses, they are and

4. OpenNIC DNS

OpenNIC is additionally an awesome arrangement with regards to utilizing the best speedier DNS servers around. Since DNS Neutrality is additionally a saying of this arrangement, it implies you will easily have the capacity to peruse the tremendous corners of the World Wide Web without having outer components coming in the middle of and putting a stop to your exercises.

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Also, by actualizing OpenNIC DNS, you will have the capacity to get free from things like ISP DNS Hijacking. With a specific end goal to pick the privilege DNS server for you, you should simply visit the site and pick the most suitable decision.

5. Level3 DNS

Another perfect Free DNS server that offers dependability and execution is Level3 DNS. This is because of the way that Level3 DNS is a supplier of a system based administration that requires first rate equipment with a specific end goal to work in an ideal way. Rest guaranteed, when you begin utilizing Level3 DNS, your web understanding and speeds are required to be one of the specific best around. To change to Level3 DNS, punch in the accompanying numbers.


6. Comodo Secure DNS – Best Known DNS for Gaming

One of the plain best Free DNS servers for gaming around, Comodo Secure DNS consolidates speed, unwavering quality, and wellbeing into one advantageous bundle. Comodo Secure DNS uses an intense system that games a colossal number of servers. At the point when execution is the essential concern, it will be streamlined by choosing the server relying upon where you’re endeavoring to get to the web from.

Last, yet surely not minimum, Comodo Secure DNS exploits a ground-breaking layer of security. This security keeps you from going by hurtful sites that can go with a colossal rundown of malware and wreck devastation to your framework. Presently, this is unquestionably something you ought to depend on. Presently, in the event that you need to change to this Free DNS server, you should change your IP deliver to and

7. GreenTeamDNS

GreenTeamDNS lives and inhales security and can keep out a huge number of possibly hazardous sites that incorporates things like malware, botnets, grown-up related substance, and different components. Nonetheless, in the event that you wish to have more prominent control over what will show up before you when you begin perusing, at that point there are additionally premium records that can be made, for an expense obviously.

8. Free DNS

In the event that you live close Austria, at that point Free DNS ought to be picked as your day by day DNS server since it is situated in the previously mentioned area. As indicated by the administration, they guarantee that they never log DNS inquiries, proposing that your list items and interests will dependably stay classified and that your data isn’t going being sold to various organizations.

9. UncensoredDNS

UncensoredDNS servers are worked by a secretly supported element and present a huge amount of highlights for the normal client, for example, enhanced security, speed and obviously unwavering quality. The address is anycast from different areas however in the event that you are living in Denmark, you will need to punch in the numbers for enhanced execution. In the event that you have an IPv6 association, at that point these administrations are likewise going to be given at the IP tends to 2001:67c:28a4:: and 2a01:3a0:53:53::

10. SafeDNS

As the name proposes, SafeDNS considers content sifting in a few regions so you don’t mistakenly stray into a strange area where you will be welcomed with things like malware, grown-up content and different things that would be not suited to the eyes of a normal web client.

Final Words

We will repeat this; it doesn’t make a difference which Free DNS server will give the best execution to video gushing, web based gaming or basic perusing. There are different components that additionally decide your general understanding. There is Also Alternative like The Pirate Bay

And, after its all said and done, if a legitimate DNS server is swarmed with overpowering activity, you may wind up being frustrated with that. Thus, it is essential to bookmark the whole rundown and attempt your fortunes every once in a while. You never know when you may get fortunate in the specific first endeavor.

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LimeTorrents Proxy




Limetorrents Proxy

Limetorrents Proxy is a deluge web crawler and catalog which don’t have downpour documents however connections to downpours facilitated on different sites. Limetorrents is family-sheltered, so grown-up entries or inquiry are not permitted. They have an area of confirmed downpours which demonstrates all deluges checked by its clients. They have a huge list of deluges which is sorted into films, television, anime, applications an amusements. They have a tremendous client base with approx 2000 clients online whenever. Their interface is exceptionally straightforward with less mess contrasted with different locales. They are additionally recorded by as the main 10 deluge locales of year 2014

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Demonoid Proxy




Demonoid Proxy

Demonoid Proxy is presumably a standout amongst the most old downpour trackers on the planet. Established in 2003 it has constantly ended up in the copyright wars, space seizures and strikes. At present it is as yet perfectly healthy. They even have an .onion address. It is a welcome just site so clients can’t get to all deluges. In some uncommon events they do open up their enrollments. There are numerous demonoid Proxy clones made when it went down on various events. All deluges are classified into various classifications and subcategories. Clients can channel downpours by quality , class, interior following/outer and dialect. It has around 600K downpours. Just outer deluges are accessible for download by visitor clients. To download inside downpours clients need to enlist and login. It has been obstruct in numerous nations including UK. It precludes transferring of grown-up content.

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Isohunt Proxy




isohunt Proxy

At the point when the first Isohunt Proxy close it entryways inside hours another clone of it appeared and rode to progress on a similar mess free UI of isohunt which is I has just about 5 million downpours sorted into 10 noteworthy classes with utorrent, program modules for simple openness and a gathering for part to visit. You need to enroll to transfer and oversee deluges yet you can download secretly. Enlistment include leverage of no promotions :D.

This site just turned into the eighth most well known downpour web crawler utilized by torrentfunks. They give both straightforward look and propelled scan device for seeking downpours. Other essential highlights are motion picture cards, which give more data about the motion picture like spoiled tomatoes score and on-screen character pages which records all motion pictures featured by the performing artist and confirmed deluges which are network pruned downpours which you can just indiscriminately download 😛 They even honor you for action on site with isohunt Proxy.

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